Welcome to Proteinchemistry! (Now at UKE Hamburg)

The lab has recently moved to the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE Hamburg)!

Please check our new website: https://www.uke.de/kliniken-institute/institute/biochemie-und-signaltransduktion/index.html 

Until the new site is set up completely, information on research, publications, and How-to-apply can still be found on this resource.


The lab of Proteinchemistry has moved to the UKE in Hamburg on November 1rst 2018. Please find information regarding our new research site by following the link

Thanks to Caro for providing this magnificient cake on the occasion of accepting the offer from Hamburg!

Content of this site

Thank you for your interest in our research at the TU München! Our group has moved to the UKE in Hamburg (Germany). Until the new website at the UKE has been set up completely, you can find preliminary information about the group on this resource.

Browse through the list on the left to
- learn about research projects,
- get to know our lab members,
- find our publications, and
- look for current teaching courses. 

If you are interested in working with us as a PhD-student/PostDoc, doing your master/bachelor thesis in our lab or applying for an internship, we are looking very much forward to your application (please read our application guidelines)!